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Shanghai Attractions

Suzhou Gardens, Suzhou
— Suzhou "Combo" Tours

Suzhou Gardens & Pond, Shanghai, China

City of Gardens
Of all the gardens south of the Yangtze River, Suzhou is the most remarkable amongst them. It contains the essential "four elements" of the Chinese garden — pavilions, water, vegetation and rocks.

Suzhou Gardens Circular Door in Wall, Suzhou, Shanghai, China

Garden villas date back to the Song Dynasty (10th century A.D.) when they were built for Chinese high officials who appreciated the beauty and tranquility of Suzhou.

During the Ming and Qing dynasties (14th-20th century) the city had more than 200 villas and gardens, many of which have been restored and open to the public.

Barry inside rock formation at Suzhou Gardens, Shanghai, China

Spectacular Rock Formations
Suzhou Garden's unique rock formations are spectacular — and fun for picture-taking
(photo above).

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Suzhou Gardens  -  Window overlooking Bamboo, Shanghai, China

Gardens of Suzhou
Plan to spend a couple of hours visiting the elegantly-designed gardens of Suzhou.

Suzhou Gardens - Interior Furniture & Artwork , Shanghai, China

Tour the beautiful pavilions and admire the rooms' furnishings and artwork. Stroll along the tranquil lotus-filled ponds and pathways lined with bamboo trees.

Suzhou Gardens - Latticed Window, Suzhou, Shanghai, China

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