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Love to Eat and Travel
Tips & Ideas
Tips for Holiday Gifts and Decorations
— Quick Homemade Decorations
— Holiday Floral Bows
— Ornament Wreath
— Fun Holiday Centerpiece

Make-Your-Own Holiday Decorations
Step-by-step tips on how to make your own inexpensive Holiday Decorations — Floral Bows, Ornament Wreath and Fun Holiday Centerpiece:

Holiday Floral Bows

  1. Layer (stack) 8 Cocktail Napkins
    (use 1-color or more)
  2. Fold napkins in Accordion Pleat
  3. Tie middle with string
  4. Pull out napkins and shape into Flowers
  5. Attach to gift

Ornament Wreath

  1. All you need is one Wire Coat Hanger
  2. Stretch the wire coat hanger into a circle
  3. Thread colored ornament balls thru' wire
  4. Add big red ribbon bow on top and hang

Fun and Sophisticated Holiday Centerpiece

  1. Start with an elevated Cake Stand
  2. Line stand with greenery (from your garden)
  3. Place 3 metallic (or colored) candles of varying sizes on top of greenery
  4. Add seasonal fruits - pomegranates, lemons, limes and apples
  5. Add Red Berries (optional)

Go to your local Dollar Store to buy inexpensive Cocktail Napkins, Ornaments, Ribbon, String, and Candles.

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