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Top 20 Summer Food Tips

BBQ Beef and Vege Kebabs

Storage Times for Refrigerated Foods
NOTE: These short but safe time limits will help keep
home-refrigerated food from spoiling or becoming dangerous to eat.

 1.  Fresh, in shell 3-5 weeks
 2.  Hard-cooked 1 week
 3.  Mayonnaise, commercial, opened 2 months
Deli & Vacuum-Packed Products  
 4.  Store-prepared (or homemade) egg, chicken, 
      tuna, ham, and macaroni salads
3-5 days
 5.  Store-cooked dinners and entrees 3-4 days
Raw Hamburger, Ground & Stew Meat  
 6.  Ground beef, turkey, veal, pork, lamb 1-2 days
 7.  Ham, fully cooked, whole 7 days
 8.  Ham, fully cooked, slices 3-4 days
Hot Dogs and Luncheon Meats  
 9.  Hot dogs Unopened pkg,
2 weeks;
Opened pkg,
1 week
10.  Luncheon meats Unopened pkg,
2 weeks;
Opened pkg,
3-5 days
Bacon and Sausage  
11.  Bacon 7 days
12.  Smoked breakfast links, patties 7 days
13.  Hard sausage (such as Pepperoni) 2-3 weeks
Cooked Meat, Poultry, and Fish Leftovers  
14.  Pieces and cooked casseroles 3-4 days
15.  Gravy and broth, patties, and nuggets 1-2 days
16.  Soups and stews 3-4 days
Fresh Meat (Beef, Veal, Lamb, and Pork)  
17.  Steaks, chops, roasts 3-5 days
Fresh Poultry  
18.  Chicken or turkey, whole 1-2 days
19.  Chicken or turkey, parts 1-2 days
Fresh Fish and Shellfish  
20.  Fresh Fish and Shellfish 1-2 days


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