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Tips & Ideas Party Tips
How to Host an Emmy Party
— Emmy Party Tips

Invite your friends, family, or business associates over for a fun Emmy Awards Party.

Pre-Show Fashions & Bling
Watch Pre-Show celebrity interviews and check out the latest fashions and bling. Check your local show times for pre-show Emmy Telecast listings.

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Emmy Party Invitations
© lovetoeatandtravel.com

Be creative with your invitations — use nominated TV Dramas, Comedies, or Actors in your text, e.g. Dress as your favorite "Dancing With The Stars" celebrity or "Game of Thrones" character or "Big Bang Theory" star.

Our "Saturday Night Live" Emmy Party will be held at "Downton Abbey" in our "House of Cards" "Homeland." Appetizers by "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" and entertainment by "The Voice." RSVP to "Mr. Robot" "Colbert" or "Modern Family." Your password at the door is "Veep... you get the idea!

If you don't want the expense of buying printed Emmy Party invitations, you can always print your own. If you want to go high-tech, use Eventbrite.com — the online service can be used to send free invitations, or you can charge for tickets to your event. You can also make the event public or private. Other options include sending an email, using Facebook.

Emmy Party Decorations
Go Hollywood — decorate your house with "Award Trophy Statuettes," "Director's Clapboards," customizable "Walk of Fame Stars," "Lifesize Celebrity Standup" movie legends (Marilyn Monroe, Austin Powers, Elvis and other Hollywood favorites).

Marilyn Monroe Hollywood Cutout for Parties

Order Fun Hollywood Celebrity Standups, Souvenirs, Gifts and Hollywood Memorabilia.

STANDUPS ! A large selection of photo-realistic lifesize cutouts of all your favorite personalities  

Black & Gold Theme Decor
Visit your local Party Store and florist for Fun Theme Decorations — Black & Gold Balloons, Giant Gold Stars, Flowers, Black and Gold Glitter Top Hats (turn them upside down and fill them with popcorn or chips), Black and Gold paper plates, cups, utensils and napkins, Black & Gold Confetti...you get the idea.

Red Carpet & Digital Pics/Video
For a fun "Red Carpet" effect, get a Red Carpet "Runner" for your entranceway and take Digital Pics or a Video of your guests as they arrive. Set your dining room/coffee tables with bright red runners, sprinkled with black and gold confetti stars.

Emmy Party Videos
Use your iPhone or Android Smartphone to record and share your party activities.

Share Party Photos,
Videos and Comments
Upload your Digital Party Pictures for Free to Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Shutterfly, Twitter or Google Photos and upload your Video to YouTube after your Election Party to share with your family, friends and co-workers. Post comments and updates on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to share what is happening real-time.

Free Video Conferencing
For those people who can't be at your Emmy Party, set up a FREE Web Conference using Skype or Google Hangouts — that way they can participate live during the awards.

Emmy Ballots & Prizes
Pass out Emmy Ballots and have your guests cast their votes prior to the Awards ceremony. Offer a fun gift to all the winners and a Grand Prize to the person who gets the most categories right.

Fun Gifts & Party Favors
Put together a "Hollywood Stars" Gift Tote Bag of goodies — be creative with your gifts. We're not talking expensive freebie "designer swag" like the movie and TV stars usually get — you don't have to spend a fortune if you know where to shop. Go to the "Dollar Stores" or Target for token gifts and candies.

Give out Fun "Hollywood Stars" Party Favors. Hollywood Magnets make fun gifts for homes, lockers, dorm rooms or offices — buy just one, or save with packs of 10 or 100.

Visit our Travel Gift Store to order Special Gifts for your Party —
Buy Fun Gifts to wear or give out to your guests at the party. Gifts feature Fun Travel Destinations, Romantic Gifts, Family "His/Hers" Gifts, Body, Mind & Spirit Gifts, and more...

Hollywood Mega Store . com  


Hollywood Mega Store

Customizable Award Trophies for your Oscars Party

Emmy Party Themes
Depending on how formal or casual you want your party to be, here are a few Emmy Party Theme suggestions:

" Black Tie" /
"Favorite TV Star"
(Drama or Comedy)

Be creative and have everyone dress as their " Favorite TV Personality or Comedian" or opt for a Formal "Black-Tie"
event — rent a Designer Dress, Jewelry & Accessories.

"Black Tie,  Blue Jeans,
Red Carpet"

Host a Semi-Formal "Black Tie, Blue Jeans, Red Carpet" event and give guests the option of dressing "up or down."

Menu - "Champagne, Strawberries & Decadent Finger Foods"
Make sure there's plenty of flowing Champagne and Strawberries.

Plan a fun menu of decadent "finger food" hors d'oeuvres and fabulous desserts:

  • Mini Blinis topped with Crème Fraiche and Caviar
  • Ahi Tuna on Wasabi Crackers
  • Costini w/Thyme-roasted Tomatoes
  • Crab-stuffed Mushrooms
  • Giant Shrimp w/Cocktail Sauce for dipping
  • Lobster Bisque Shots
  • Melon-wrapped Proscuitto
  • Smoked Salmon Canapes
  • Camembert/Brie atop Pear/Apple Slices (brush w/lemon juice to prevent browning)
  • Chocolate Truffles...

Costco and Trader Joe's both offer a variety of delicious hors d'oeuvres, fun munchies, fabulous desserts, Champagnes and fine wines.

Catered Event / Entertainment
If you don't have the time — and aren't worried about a budget — hire a caterer to handle "all the details" for you.
For more elaborate parties, hire Celebrity Look-a-likes (Marilyn Monroe, Elvis) to mingle among your guests.

Casual Chic:
"Emmy Bash"
Keep your Emmy Party simple — make it a fun "Emmy Bash" and dress "Casual Chic."

"Emmy Bash" Menu
Whip up something easy for a large group (buffet style works well) — Poached Salmon, Shepherd's Pie, Baked Ziti, Lasagne, Spicy Chili, Lamb Stew, Curry Chicken Pasta, Enchilada Casserole, BBQ Chicken... and a fresh Green Salad.

Serve a decadent dessert — "Make-Your-Own Ice-Cream Sundae Bar," Assorted Cheesecakes, Cream Puffs with Chocolate Sauce, Tiramisu, Chocolate Cake, Fruit Tarts or Giant Chocolate-covered Strawberries.

Wine Selection & Quantity
Depending on your budget, you have several options regarding wine selection.

Tip: Allow approximately a 1/2 bottle to one bottle of wine per person for a three-hour party.

For an "upscale" Emmy Party (with wine aficionados), splurge on a selection of "fine" red and white wines.

For a "casual chic" Emmy Party, offer a variety of good mid-priced red and white wines.

For a "limited budget" Emmy Party, buy a case of Charles Shaw "Two-Buck Chuck" wines from Trader Joe's — at under $30, these good table wines are an excellent value. We like the Cabernets and Merlots. Or ask your guests to "BYOB" — bring a bottle of their favorite wine or whatever they'd like to drink.

Be sure to have plenty of sodas, soft drinks, bottled water and coffee on hand for non-drinkers and "designated drivers.

"Emmy Pot Luck"
Better yet...host a casual "Emmy Pot Luck Party." Pot Lucks are a lot of fun, especially if you're on a budget.

"Emmy Pot Luck" Menu
Make a big batch of Popcorn and have everyone bring a dish (appetizer, salad, entree, dessert...and what they want to drink).

In past years, we've had everything from assorted Costco and Trader Joe's hors d'oeuvres — Crab Cakes, Coconut Shrimp, Chicken Wings, Mini Quiches, assorted Cheeses & Crackers, fresh Veges and Potato Skins, to Beppo's Pizza, Max's Deli, Tai Chi Chinese, In & Out Burgers, Mixed Nuts, Mini Brownies and Krispy Kreme Donuts.

Whatever you do...have FUN!

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More Info
More Info on the Emmy Awards, Emmy-nominated Films and Emmy Nominees


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