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New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Attractions

Mardi Gras Super Krewes
— Fun Super Parades


Fun Parades & Celebrations
during Carnival Season
Enjoy a variety of Fun Mardi Gras Parades and celebrations throughout New Orleans' Carnival season.

Super Krewes
— "Super Parades"
Super Krewes (or Super Parades) are the largest Mardi Gras Parades in New Orleans — defined by their spectacular super-floats, marching bands and celebrity Grand Marshalls.

Three popular Super Krewes that take place in New Orleans include:

  • Krewe of Endymion
  • Krewe of Bacchus
  • Krewe of Orpheus

Krewe of Bacchus
Krewe of Bacchus is famous for its super-size animated floats and marching bands. Its first Mardi Gras Parade took place in 1969 — with Danny Kay leading the procession.

Today, the Krewe of Bacchus is more popular than ever.

Celebrity Bacchus Monarchs have included: Larry King, Tom Arnold, Hulk Hogan, James Gandolfini, Nicholas Cage, Bob Hope, Jackie Gleason, Kirk Douglas, and Billy Crystal... to name a few.

Fat Tuesday
Mardi Gras is also referred to as "Fat Tuesday""Gras" is French for "Fat" and "Mardi" is French for "Tuesday."

Upcoming Mardi Gras Dates
Mardi Gras always falls on a Tuesday. Dates vary from year-to-year — it's dependent upon the date of Easter Sunday. Mardi Gras is always the day before Ash Wednesday. Here's a list of future Mardi Gras dates:

2013 — February 12
2014 — March 4
2015 — February 17
2016 — February 9
2017 — February 28
2018 — February 13
2019 — March 5
2020 — February 25
2021 — February 16
2022 — March 1

NOTE: Mardi Gras is one of the most intense, crowded events you could possibly find on this Earth, so if you don't like crowds, you might want to visit New Orleans at another time. FYI... Halloween is also FUN and exciting, but very intense and crowded too! 


New Orleans Sightseeing Tours

New Orleans' Mardi Gras Celebration

Krewe of Endymion
Krewe of
Endymion is the largest of over 80 Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans — and features some of the most spectacular super-floats, carrying masked revelers and famous celebrity Grand Marshals.

Past Endymion Celebrity Grand Marshals have included: Kid Rock, Kevin Costner, Taylor Hicks, Dan Akroyd, Marissa Tomei, Gene Simmons, Jason Alexander, Emeril Lagasse, Britney Spears, Kenny Rogers, Jerry Springer and Michael Bolton... to name a few.

Endymion Extravaganza
And the fun doesn't stop after the parade. Every year, the "Endymion Extravaganza" (party of all parties!) takes place immediately following the parade. This FUN party is held in the New Orleans Superdome. Get your tickets early before they sell out!

Krewe of Orpheus Parade
— on Fat Monday

After celebrating at the Zulu Lundi Gras Festival, head up Canal Street or down St. Charles for the "Krewe of Orpheus Parade" — one of the city's biggest parades that always takes place on Lundi Gras (Fat Monday) — the day before Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday).

Co-founded by Harry Connick, Jr. in 1993, the Krewe of Orpheus was the first Super Krewe to include both men and women. The parade features celebrities, thousands of throws and some of the biggest and most beautiful floats in New Orleans.

Celebrity Orpheus Monarchs & Music Legends have included: Helio Castroneves, (two-time Indy 500 winner and "Dancing with the Stars" 2008 Champion), Salt 'n Pepa, Josh Gracin, Sean Payton, Sidney Torres, Whoopie Goldberg, Harry Connick Jr., Sandra Bullock, and Stevie Wonder... to name a few.

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