Congratulations Half Moon Bay World Championship Pumpkin Winners!

This year’s pumpkins at Half Moon Bay’s annual Championship Weigh-Off competition were the biggest ever – over 13 pumpkins weighed in at over 1,000 pounds!

The 2010 Half Moon Bay World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off winner is Ron Root of Citrus Heights, California. His winning Giant Pumpkin (pictured top) tipped the scales at an impressive 1,535 pounds (but 123 pounds short of last year’s record-setting 1,658-pounder from Iowa) – tying California’s record of 1,535 pounds.

Second place went to Brant Bordsen of Marysville, CA, who had a 1,476-pound Giant Pumpkin. Leonardo Urena of Napa (last year’s runner-up), took third place with his 1,401-pound pumpkin. S. Daletas of Pleasant Hill, Oregon, came in fourth with his 1,394-pounder. And B. Todd of Littleton set a record for Colorado for his 1,308-pound winning pumpkin (the previous record was 1,306).

Coastside Pumpkin Winner went to Farmer John (a local Half Moon Bay farmer) with his 461-pound pumpkin. Olivia Zunino of Los Altos, CA won for the”Most Beautiful Pumpkin.”

Every year the crowds get larger and this year was no exception. It’s usually held on Columbus Day, so many people are off work and schools are closed. It was also one of the warmest days on the coast this year, so hundreds of people turned out for the annual event. We always enjoy talking to the pumpkin farmers and the locals – it’s FUN for kids and big kids too:)

See more pictures of 2010 Half Moon Bay World Championship Winning Pumpkins

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