San Francisco BART – New Year’s Resolutions to Help Increase Ridership

While traveling on the San Francisco BART System this holiday season, we loved the convenience of not driving downtown in rush-hour and saving money on parking.   However, we started keeping track of some obvious BART improvements.

Here are our 10 New Year’s Resolutions for BART Executives on “How to Improve Ridership on BART:”

  • Light-up the Train Station Signs so you can read them while traveling on a train.  You can barely see or read the signs while sitting on the trains. Who designed these train stations?
  • Improve the Train Announcement System so you can hear the station announcements from any part of the train.  It seems that it is also important to hear any emergency announcements as well.
  • Add BART System Maps throughout every train car so passengers can see where they are going. New York and London Subways have had these Maps for decades.
  • Replace the seat covers and carpets on all trains.  I our opinion, they are so dirty, smelly and old that they can’t be cleaned.  It is hard to believe that New York Subway Cars are much cleaner than BART.
  • Stop street people from sleeping in the cars during the morning commute.  We found street people sleeping in the BART cars each morning.  The cars smelled pretty bad and we sometimes had to walk through three cars to find one without a smell.
  • Increase the Security Patrols that walk the Stations and Trains.  We only saw police talking to each other in the station ticket booths… never on a train or walking on the platforms
  • Upgrade the Station Ticket ATMs with a user friendly interface. The BART Ticket Machines have some of the worst user interfaces of any transit system we have ever seen.  We can do better in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Please comment below with any suggestions that you have for improving BART.

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