San Francisco Bloomingdale’s / Westfield Mall Evacuated on Thursday, November 2nd

The San Francisco Bloomingdale’s / Westfield Mall had an emergency evacuation at 5pm on Thursday, November 2nd.  Alana and I were in the new Century Movie Theater watching “The Departed” when the alarms went off and the manager announced an emergency evacuation (halfway thru’ the movie). We were told to leave the building immediately – none of the managers or security guards knew what was going on. When we walked out of the theater, there were large crowds on each floor, trying to get out of the mall, using the escalators. We noticed people in robes coming out of the new Spa (on the 5th floor, the same level as the movies). Does anybody know what happened? We’ve yet to find out???

Please comment below if you were at the mall on Thursday and would like to share your experience.

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