World’s Best Cities – Top 10 Overall, Europe’s Top 10 and U.S. & Canada’s Top 10 Cities

Bangkok, Thailand

Every year we look forward to Travel & Leisure’s “World’s Best Awards.” We love it when our “City by the Bay” makes the list – and our hometowns too (London and New York)! And of course we always like to see if our favorite destinations are mentioned 🙂

Looks like one of our cities made the “Overall Best Cities” list – can you guess which one? Two made it into the Top 10 U.S Cities (way to go, San Francisco!)… and one of our all-time favorite destinations (Florence) ranked highly in two categories.

Find out if your city rated as one of the World’s Overall Top 10 Best Cities — Top 10 European Cities — or Top 10 Continental U.S. and Canadian Cities.

Can you guess the top-rated destinations? Hint… the No. 1 overall best destination was featured in one of last year’s highly anticipated comedy sequels.

World’s Best Overall Cities
– Top 10 U.S. & Canadian Cities
– Top 10 European Cities

What are some of your favorite U.S., Canadian and European cities?


1 thought on “World’s Best Cities – Top 10 Overall, Europe’s Top 10 and U.S. & Canada’s Top 10 Cities”

  1. cruiseinbudapest

    I can totally recommend Budapest, which is the best city where ever been in my life. Try Cruises, visit places, full culture city with great gastronomy.

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