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“Australia is just so full of surprises.”
– Bill Bryson

Australia Kangaroo

Land Down Under

It’s worth a trip to Australia just to see its kangaroos, koalas and amazing wildlife! The country is also home to beautiful white-sand beaches, tropical rainforests, picturesque gorges, and desert landscapes. Add to that its Aboriginal sites and ancient rock formations, it’s easy to see why Australia is such an amazing adventure travel destination.

Fun Australia Attractions

Explore Australia’s magnificent regions and enjoy memorable experiences along the way. Visit Ayers Rock at sunset. Tour the popular city of Sydney and visit its iconic Sydney Opera House. Go snorkeling and scuba-diving at the world’s largest coral reef. Enjoy wine-tasting in one of Australia’s oldest wine regions. Visit Frasier Island and the Gold Coast. Explore The Outback, Kakadu National Park and Kangaroo Island. Top Australia attractions include:

  • Ayers Rock
    “Uluru” is its Aboriginal name. Don’t miss a sunset at the world’s largest rock.
  • Frasier Island
    Visit the largest sand island in the world – one of the country’s top attractions.
  • Gold Coast
    Famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, surfing, hiking, wildlife, rainforests, and fun theme parks.
  • Great Barrier Reef
    Snorkel and scuba-dive at the world’s largest coral reef, located in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland.
  • Hunter Valley Wine Region
    Enjoy wine-tasting in one of Australia’s oldest and best known wine regions.
  • Kakadu National Park
    Renowned for its Aboriginal culture sites, plants and wildlife.
  • Kangaroo Island
    Explore one of Australia’s most popular wildlife destinations.
  • The Outback
    Explore Australia’s desert regions.
  • Sydney Harbour and Sydney Opera House
    Visit its famous Harbour Bridge and the world-renowned Sydney Opera House.

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Explore the natural wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy a Snorkeling and Scuba-Diving Day Trip from Cairns. Take a Sunrise or Sunset Camel Tour to Ayers Rock. Cruise through Sydney Harbor via Ferry, then visit Taronga Zoo. Explore Kangaroo Island on a fun Day Tour from Adelaide. Take a 2-hour Whale-Watching Speedboat Tour from Sydney and get an up-close view of Humpback Whales.

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Koala Australia
Koala, Australia

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The Best Time To Visit Australia

Because Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere, its seasons are reversed – their summer is our winter and vice-versa.

Summer: December-February (the most popular time to visit Sydney)
Fall: March-May
Winter: June-August
Spring: September-November

Due to its size, Australian’s climate varies significantly in different parts of the continent – just like the weather in various parts of the U.S. Typically the northern parts of Australia (closer to the Equator) are tropical (hot, humid and rainy). The hottest months are November thru’ March.

Peak season is April through September. June-August is especially popular with visitors and locals alike. Ditto Holiday Season and Summer Vacation time (mid-December, January and Easter).