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Central America

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Toucan in Costa Rica
Toucan in the rainforests of Costa Rica, Central America

Central America is located in the southernmost region of North America, between southern Mexico and South America. Popular destinations include: Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Fun Central America Attractions

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a perfect adventure destination. It’s famous for magnificent rain forests and beaches, exciting zip-lining tours, whitewater rafting, kayaking, scuba-diving, cliff diving and sky diving. Costa Rica’s rainforests are home to stunning toucans, most recognizable for their trademark colorful bills.


Visit beautiful Belize and enjoy cave-tubing, zip-lining and snorkeling. Go scuba-diving at The Blue Hole, one of the world’s most famous dive sites.


Cruise through the world-famous Panama Canal. 

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The Best Time To Visit Costa Rica, Belize and Central America

The best times to visit Costa Rica is during dry-season, from mid-December to April. It’s also peak tourist season, so expect crowds.

The best time to visit Belize is between January and May.