Capitoline Hill and Museums - Rome

Capitoline Hill and Museums, Rome
Capitoline Hill and Museums, Rome

Musei Capitolini

The Capitoline Museums, Rome’s oldest, are considered to be the world’s first public museum. The museums are housed in two buildings, the Palazzo dei Conservatori and the Palazzo Nuovo. They’re connected via an underground passageway. The museums overlook a beautiful square, the Piazza del Campidoglio, on top of Capitoline Hill. The square was designed by Michelangelo in 1536. In the center of the open square, there is a replica of the famous Roman Equestrian statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius (pictured above). The square overlooks the Roman Forum. It offers visitors one of the best views of the ancient ruins.

Capitoline Wolf

The museums house an impressive and massive collection of Renaissance paintings, bronze Greco-Roman sculptures, and archaeological artifacts. View old masters’ paintings by Rubens and Tintoretto. Admire bronze sculptures, including the “Capitoline Wolf” – a symbol of Rome. The famous sculpture of the She-Wolf suckling the twins, Remus and Romulus, represents the ancient legend of the founding of Rome. See marble pieces of the “Colossus of Constantine” and the busts of “Commodus as Hercules” and “Medusa.” Other treasures include an ancient bronze statue of “Spinario, Boy Extracting a Thorn” and the 2nd century “Capitoline Venus.” 

"Capitoline Wolf" bronze sculpture - She-Wolf suckling the twins, Remus and Romulus
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Open daily. Closed New Year’s Day, May 1 and Christmas Day. The museum is in the center of Rome, a short walk from the Roman Forum or Piazza Venezia.

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