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Fort Point - San Francisco

Fort Point, San Francisco, CA
Fort Point by Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

National Historic Site

Fort Point, a National Historic Site, stands beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco Bay views from the base of Fort Point are spectacular. If you’re adventurous and can climb the stairs to the top of the fort (4 levels up), the views are even better.

Built between 1853 and 1861, Fort Point was constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to prevent entry of hostile fleets into San Francisco Bay. During 1933-1937, the fort was used as a base of operations during construction of the Golden Gate Bridge. And during World War II, Fort Point was occupied by about 100 soldiers who manned searchlights and rapid-fire cannons mounted atop the fort. Many movies over the years have used the historic Fort Point area as a backdrop.

Fort Point Exhibits & Tours

In addition to the cannons on display, Fort Point features a variety of exhibits, including Buffalo Soldiers, Woman at War, Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, Officer’s Mess Hall, Surgeon’s Quarters, Officer’s Quarters, Enlisted Men’s Quarters, and Fort Point Lighthouse. Self-guided and ranger-led tours are available.

Fort Point, San Francisco, CA
Fort Point, San Francisco

Parking is limited. We suggest you park at the Marina Green or at Crissy Field and walk along the shoreline pathway to Fort Point. Or take a Motorized Cable Car Tour.

More Info

The exterior of Fort Point can be accessed daily. Visit their website for more info on hours, directions, exhibits and guided tours.

Fort Point

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