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National Roman Museum, Rome
National Roman Museum, Rome

Museo Nazionale Romano

The National Roman Museum is composed of four different archaeological museums, housing some of the oldest and most spectacular masterpieces of sculptures, paintings and artifacts. The four museums include Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, Crypta Balbi, Palazzo Altemps, and Baths of Diocletian.

Palazzo Massimo alle Terme

The 19th century Palazzo Massimo alle Terme features one of the world’s most important collections of ancient art from the 2nd century BC to 5th century AD. They include the world’s best-preserved Roman frescoes, mosaics, sculptures, jewels, and coins dating back centuries. See famous sculptures including “Boxer at Rest,” “Discuss Thrower,” and the “Sleeping Hermaphrodite.”

Crypta Balbi

Crypta Balbi is located near Rome’s city center. It houses original archaeological pieces. The lower floor is the crypt, that includes an archaeological excavation site and ancient ruins. 

Palazzo Altemps

Palazzo Altemps houses a collection of ancient Greek and Roman sculptures.

The Baths of Diocletian

Built in 298 AD, the enormous Baths of Diocletian was the largest bath complex in ancient Rome. Visitors can see part of the grounds of the largest thermal baths from the Roman period.

More Info

Visit the museum’s website for more info on tickets, hours, directions, and exhibits.

Museo Nazionale Romano

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