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The Mirage Volcano - Las Vegas

Volcano at The Mirage, Las Vegas
The Mirage Volcano, Las Vegas

Erupting Volcano

Don’t miss this fun and exciting Las Vegas attraction. The 4 1/2 minute spectacle of water and fire is one of the best shows on the Strip. And it’s free! Mirage’s erupting volcano is the largest fire attraction in the world. 

The Mirage teamed up with legendary Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart and Indian tabla sensation Zakir Hussain to create a stunning soundtrack. Translating fire images into sound, the talented team created a powerful piece that’s all percussion, using drums from around the world. At night, the peaceful 54-ft-tall waterfall outside The Mirage turns into an erupting volcano as fire elements rise up from the lagoon below. There are about 150 different fire shooters located in and around the volcano. Bright red and orange flames shoot 120 feet into the sky. It’s a breathtaking sight as what looks like streams of molten lava cascade down the waterfall and flow down the sides of the volcano. And it’s all choreographed to an amazing earthshaking soundtrack. You can actually feel the heat as temperatures reach over 900° and the ground rumbles beneath you as the volcano erupts into the night air. Just when you think the show is over, it starts up again and builds to a crescendo. So don’t budge from your viewing spot until the show is finished.

Best Viewing Locations

For best viewing locations, stand directly in front of the Volcano (facing The Mirage) on the Las Vegas Strip. Or stand across the street. This is a very popular attraction so arrive early to get your viewing spot. If you’re staying at the Mirage and your room overlooks the Volcano, just look down and open your window for sound. Mirage guests can also stand at the railing, located at the hotel’s main entrance. It overlooks the volcano and lagoon area.

Volcano Hours

Volcano eruptions are nightly, every hour on the hour (8pm-11pm, weather permitting). If it’s too windy, the volcano eruptions do not take place. A flashing red beacon on the top of the volcano means that the volcano show has been cancelled for that hour. 

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