10 Fun Things to do in Rishikesh – India

This post was written by Rohit Agarwal from India.

Placed perfectly at the foot of the sublime Himalayas, Rishikesh is undoubtedly a must visit pilgrimage center for the people. If you are looking to set your foot on this holy soil, then there are exciting thrills and divine spirituality waiting to unfold before your eyes and heart, as a blooming bud transforming into a flower.

Bhakti, karma, nirvana is perfectly mixed with adventure, thrill, surprise, here in this place. Even medicines are turned to tasty dishes in this house of divinity. Here taste is served with health and spirituality is gifted with thrill.

Here are the places that you must visit in Rishikesh.

Ganga Aarti at Triveni Ghat

Aarti lamps at the banks of holy Ganges in Rishikesh - photo by Sujay25
Aarti lamps at the banks of holy Ganges in Rishikesh – photo by Sujay25

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will be amazed by the beauty of the evening scenes on the banks of the great Ganges at the Triveni Ghat. Aarti is held from 6.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. It is popularly known as “Maha Aarti”. People believe that taking a dip in the ghat and leaving oil lamps on leaf boats will bag great fortunes. It is fun as well as fascinating to watch it.

River Rafting

Rishikesh river rafting - photo by Siddharth Nagi
Rishikesh river rafting – photo by Siddharth Nagi

Known to test the fathoms of your taste for adventure, the glistening Ganga waters of Rishikesh offer you a thrilling experience of river rafting. River rafting has been the prime source of adventure attraction for the tourists from the past many years. The rapid flowing waters of the Ganges raise your adrenaline to supreme heights to amaze you and excite you. You can see the beauty of the mountains and enjoy the sounds of the holy waters while river rafting in Rishikesh. Truly, this experience will be refreshing and exciting. For most of the rafters, river rafting here gives many moments to treasure and cherish.

The Welcome Center

The Welcome Center welcomes you with medicines turned to mouthwatering dishes. If you are a foodie and also care for your health then this restaurant is the perfect place for you to hang with your family and friends. Dishes served here are Ayurvedic and tasty as well. The aroma of different teas will throw you into a good mood. This restaurant will definitely change your opinion that medicines are bitter.  Only in this place medicine is served with taste.

Cliff Jumping

Cliff Jumping sport - photo by John O'Nolan
Cliff Jumping sport – photo by John O’Nolan

This adventure enthralls you for sure. You need to jump into the cold waters of the Ganges from a cliff! You may think this is nuts but you will regret it if you miss this in Rishikesh. It is a very famous adventure sport here in Rishikesh. You can challenge your fears and find fun in this.


Tungnath trek in Rishikesh - photo by Paul Hamilton
Tungnath trek in Rishikesh – photo by Paul Hamilton

Trekking in Rishikesh needs a special mention. If you are a nature lover then you cannot miss the trekking experience at any cost. You will see nature at its best while you are trekking in Rishikesh. The melodious sounds of the birds accompanied by the cool scent of the breeze along with the hues of the wildflowers will integrate your soul with the heart of nature.


One of the camp sites in Rishikesh - photo by Travayegeur (Sahil Lodha)
One of the camp sites in Rishikesh – photo by Travayegeur (Sahil Lodha)

There is a saying that “beauty beautifies itself to the best only before the eyes of a peaceful soul”. You can exactly feel the same thing in the beauty of nature while you are camping in Rishikesh. After trekking if you are camping on the shores of the Ganges, amidst of the mountains, then that very feeling gives you an eternal experience.


Rappelling - photo by Oakridge Camp & Retreat Center
Rappelling – photo by Oakridge Camp & Retreat Center

It is fun to do rappelling. You may feel it difficult but the ultimate satisfaction it gives you is always priceless. All the protective gears are provided by the experts and the only thing you need to do is to follow their instructions and climb down the hill with the help of the ropes. You will feel the thrill of being suspended in the air with only your hands tightly gripping the ropes. It is an awesome experience to do rappelling.

Flying fox

Do you have a deep desire to fly alone in the air? Come to Rishikesh to fulfill it. This is one of the most adventurous activities that Rishikesh offers. You are tied to a rope and will be left in the air, while you pass the rivers and mountains with the help of that rope. It is the ultimate adventure filled with excitement. Once you do this adventure sport then you can never forget the memorable experience.

The Beatles ashram

Abandoned Beatles ashram - photo by Dr EG
Abandoned Beatles ashram – photo by Dr EG

Here is the place where historical flamboyancy meets with spirituality. The Beatles came to this ashram to learn yoga under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This is where the western pop popularized the eastern culture. And it is one of the most visited places in Rishikesh.


Yoga in Rishikesh - photo by Ajay Tallam
Yoga in Rishikesh – photo by Ajay Tallam

After a lot of divinity, adventure, and tasty medicinal recipes, Rishikesh has still something to offer you – it is yoga. This is the perfect place to follow the age-old practice of yoga, which is offered by many sadhus and rishis. Yoga provides relief to your soul and hardens your body and fills your mind with peace.

If you come to Rishikesh and leave after doing all these things embedded with fun and spirituality, you will be a different person from thereafter. The waters of the holy Ganges will transform you into a better person.

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Rohit Agarwal is a traveler and a blogger at Trans India Travels. An architect by profession, Rohit was influenced by the architecture of the ancient monuments in India and is in search to find the most interesting tourist sites in India. He found Rishikesh most fascinating and interesting.

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