Celebrity Tour of London – See Celebrity Homes, Hotspots & Famous Film Locations

Abbey Road, London - © All rights reserved by j.lil at Viator Flickr
Abbey Road, London – © All rights reserved by j.lil at Viator Flickr

We just added this new Celebrity Tour of London to the top of our “must-do” list the next time we’re traveling across the pond to visit our family. The celebrity walking tour takes you to parts of London that you’d never normally visit as a tourist — or as a local for that matter. And if you’re like us (movie buffs) and love celebrity trivia (reading People magazine is one of my guilty pleasures), this is one London tour that you won’t want to miss. We’ve taken celebrity tours in New York City and Los Angeles and they were fantastic – it’s always fun to see how the other half live and play.

Celebrity Tour of London

One of the Celebrity Tour highlights is walking across London’s iconic Abbey Road zebra crossing and re-enacting the famous Beatles “Abbey Road” album cover – we’ve always wanted to do that! How ’bout you? Have your picture taken and capture the moment in time just like John, Paul, George and Ringo did back in 1969. Can’t you just see it now on your Facebook page. 🙂

Explore London’s most exclusive addresses in Mayfair and Holland Park and see swanky Celebrity Homes, popular Film Locations and Celebrity Hotspots – not to mention hearing some of London’s fascinating history and juicy gossip about Celebrity Scandals.

Here are a few Celebrity Tour of London Highlights:

  • Celebrity Homes:
    See where Madonna, Simon Cowell and more of London’s rich and famous live – and hear tales about Sherlock Holmes and Jimi Hendrix. Have your phones and cameras handy – you may catch a glimpse of one of the stars (keep an eye out for Sir Paul McCartney) and be ready to snap that pic.
  • Famous Film Locations:
    Movie buffs will enjoy visiting scenes from some of London’s most famous movies including: Love Actually, Notting Hill, Harry Potter, James Bond and other film classics. If you haven’t already seen any of these movies, you may want to watch them before taking this tour – it’s fun when you recognize a place after seeing it in a movie.
  • Celebrity Hotspots & Pop Culture:
    Discover where London’s legendary Rock & Roll stars (like Pink Floyd and the Beatles) partied and performed.
  • Celebrity Scandals:
    Find out everything you wanted to know about celebrity scandals. Was Princess Diana’s death an accident? Why did King Edward VIII abdicate the throne? Get the real stories from “those in the know” on this fun three-hour tour.

The Celebrity Tour of London involves train journeys on the London Underground and participants will need a valid Zone 1 Travelcard/Oystercard to take part. Wear comfortable shoes (you’ll be doing a lot of walking) and don’t forget to bring along an umbrella – it is London after all and the weather can be unpredictable.

See London up close and personal and get your fix of celebrity trivia – I don’t know about you, but we’re ready to hop on a plane now. Oh… and by the way, if you should venture out anywhere near Kensington Palace during your London visit, be on the lookout for Wills, Kate and baby Prince George. Cheerio!

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