Giraffe at San Diego Zoo, CA

Fun Things To Do in San Diego – City Tours, Sightseeing and Family-Friendly Activities

There are so many FUN Things To Do and See in San Diego, California. Visit San Diego’s world-famous zoo – it’s pretty spectacular! Enjoy a fun Family Day exploring SeaWorld San Diego,  one of the world’s premier Marine Adventure Parks. Experience an African-style Safari at San Diego Wild Animal Park. And younger kids will love Legoland Theme Park.

San Diego’s two giant pandas (Bai Yin and Xiao Liwu) were on loan to San Diego Zoo.  Bai Yin lived at the zoo for 20 years. In the Spring 2019, they were both sent to China, their native habitat. Very few Pandas are ever seen outside their native habitat in northern China.

What’s your favorite thing to do in San Diego?

Fun Things To Do in San Diego

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