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Skiing in the mountains

Top 10 Things To Pack On A Ski Trip

Home » Blog » Top 10 Things To Pack On A Ski Trip

This post was written by Shawn Damon.

Few vacations offer the same combination of activity and relaxation as a ski getaway. When you’re out on the slopes every day you’ll be getting great exercise while feeling like you’re just out having fun – and there aren’t many things more peaceful than a night in the ski lodge getting warm and taking a break! But to properly enjoy such a vacation, you also need to do some advance preparation, and of course, that means going through a packing list. So here are our top 10 things to pack on your next ski trip (aside from the obvious clothing items), whether it’s a drive to the nearest mountain range or a trip out to France, or the Colorado Rockies.

Top 10 Things To Pack On A Ski Trip

1. Sunglasses

Many people assume goggles will do the trick, and for when you’re actually skiing, that’s true. But for your time off the slopes – in the lodge, around town, etc. – sunglasses will come in handy. Ski environments can get quite bright (largely from sun glinting off the slopes), so keep yourself comfortable.

2. Camelback

As mentioned, skiing is ultimately a fairly intense workout that feels more like leisure activity. That means you may not realize your own need to stay hydrated! Invest in a camelback to keep water with you while you’re on the slopes.

3. Long Underwear

Warm outerwear is great, but you’ll appreciate the long underwear. Plus, it might enable you to wear a slightly lighter external outfit and stay a bit more flexible.

4. Swimwear

If you’re at a nice resort or cabin, there may well be a heated pool or hot tub outside, which is incredibly relaxing during a ski trip. Don’t forget your swimwear!

5. Sports Watch

Most of us depend on our phones these days to tell time, but on the slopes you’ll appreciate being able to take a quick glance at your wrist to know what time it is, when to meet up with people, etc.

6. Backup Contact Lenses

These are important during any vacation, but particularly on a trip when your vision will be so important for athletic activity. For some tips and advice from Acuvue on traveling with contacts, click here.

7. Sunscreen

As mentioned, things can get pretty bright in ski areas, and that means sunburn is very possible. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you don’t need sunscreen!

8. Sports Headphones

If you like some music while you ski, opt for specific sports headphones (generally this means comfortable fit and moisture resistance). You may sweat, get wet, etc. while skiing.

9. Backpack

A very small backpack could accompany you on the slopes, but even a normal day bag may be useful. You can bring it from wherever you’re staying to the ski lodge and keep it in a locker with things you might need.

10. iPod Dock

Finally, you’re probably planning on packing an iPod – but pack a dock as well! Nothing beats having your favorite music playing in your hotel room, cabin, etc. when you’re relaxing after a day on the slopes.

Shawn Damon is a blog contributor and travel enthusiast. He enjoys finding and sharing new experiences and vacations worldwide.

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