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Romantic Date Night

10 “Date Night” Tips

Home » Blog » 10 “Date Night” Tips

Don’t wait for a special occasion to take your honey out on a date.

Surprise each other throughout the year.

Tulips for a special occasion

Check out our 10 “Date Night” Tips… and have FUN!

  1. Plan a “Date Night” (take turns). Keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be extravagant… it’s the thought that counts!
  2. Send flowers 2-3 days in advance – get your honey in a good mood for “Date Night.”
  3. Talk about “Date Night” a few days before you plan to have your date. Give hints, but NO details – keep your honey guessing.
  4. Dress up… or not 🙂
  5. Make a Special Toast to your honey over cocktails, during dinner or after dinner.
  6. Enjoy Drinks, Dinner, Dancing, a Movie, Theater, Concert, Comedy Show, Sporting Event… or make it casual and just go out for Coffee and Dessert. Whatever you do, have fun!
  7. Talk to your honey “after” your date. Go for a walk after dinner. Don’t forget to hold hands.
  8. Mail a Romantic Card. Or send a Romantic eCard, Text, GIF. Or post a Romantic Instagram or FaceBook message.
  9. Sex… include a nice massage 🙂
  10. Next morning, share your feelings – talk about the date and how much fun you had together.

If you really want to make your honey feel special, send a card/email/text or leave a few “Post-It” note messages around the house or in the car to let her/him know how much you enjoyed the evening together – and that you can’t wait for your next date!

Don’t wait too long to plan another Fun “Date Night!”

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