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Srinagar, India

10 Stunningly Beautiful Locations in Kashmir That One Should Not Miss

Home » Blog » 10 Stunningly Beautiful Locations in Kashmir That One Should Not Miss

This post was written by Rohit Agarwal from India.

India is a beautiful country and has a lot to offer people who come here. This country is known to be God’s own land and has such appeal that it immediately brings out the awe when one experiences it. Kashmir is the state in this country that happens to be heaven on earth – and the crown on the Indian map. Its beauty is known to all. Kashmir is a jewel for India and also happens to be amongst the major destinations that a huge number of people have on their wish list. If you have a chance to visit here, make sure you don’t miss these beautiful locations.

  1. Srinagar

Dal Lake - photo by confused_me
Dal Lake – photo by confused_me

The capital city of Kashmir, Srinagar is one of the most beautiful places that you’ll ever go to. This city looks like an epitome of serenity. The white snow-capped hills and mesmerizing reservoirs are a bliss to the sight. The shikaras and plush boat rides in lakes, watching the sun set, is something you should not miss at any cost. The city is a great place to relax, go for boat rides and play golf. With beautiful flowers and wonderful wildlife this place will treat your eyes with enchanting surprises at every turn.

2. Leh

Pangong lake - photo by Jeevan
Pangong lake – photo by Jeevan

If you didn’t go to Leh, then your trip to the top of the map is incomplete. Leh is so beautiful – not many places more beautiful have ever existed on earth. Visiting Leh will make you realise that traveling isn’t all about the destination, it’s about the journey. A lot of people have gained interest in traveling to Leh. The finest method to explore this land is to rent a motorbike and ride to it. This is surely going to be one experience that not only gives you the bliss and calmness but will also help you grow as a human.

3. Jammu

Vaishno Devi - photo by Vineet Timble
Vaishno Devi – photo by Vineet Timble

The land of Maa Vaishno Devi, this serene place has been one of the most visited places in India. Jammu is a beautiful city that is filled with temples, culture and architectural wonders. Jammu is renowned for the wonderful Bahu fort that even encloses the Bahu Temple. Bahu fort also shelters the largest underground aquarium in the country. The Mubarak Mandi Palace is also one architectural feat and is sure to catch your eye. One trip to Jammu and this will surely be one of your favourite destinations in India.

4. Rajouri

Rajouri town - photo by User:Laportechicago
Rajouri town – photo by User:Laportechicago

Rajouri is the rural beauty that is at a distance of 154 kms from the city of Jammu. This amazing place lies on the Pakistan border and therefore calls in great attention from travelers. The Thana Gali and Dehra ki Gali are a few of many sites that are beautiful and worth spending the time visiting. The Rajouri fort is also a major attraction of Rajouri. Summers here are blissful and one can relax outside at any time of the day. The Rama temple is also a worth seeing and is a popular destination among the locals.

5. Gulmarg

Gulmarg - photo by confused_me
Gulmarg – photo by confused_me

Gulmarg is known to be a paradise for skiers. With a majestic landscape and beautiful valleys, this is the destination that makes you forget everything and live in the moment. Gulmarg is 52 kms away from Shrinagar. With a lot of activities to do in this city you can never have too much of this place. You can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, fishing and trekking here. This city is delightful for people who travel for adventure. The Nagin Valley and the frozen lakes are a sight worth seeing. Make sure not to skip this place on your trip to Jammu and Kashmir.

6. Udhampur

Ramnagar Fort and Mausoleum - photo by Malikbek
Ramnagar Fort and Mausoleum – photo by Malikbek

Udhampur is one of the most important regions in Kashmir and holds a lot of historical nostalgia. This place is named after Raja Udham Singh and is a tribute to his bravery. The city is a treasure for history lovers as it links us to the Mahabharata period and is also home to many heroic deeds done by patriots. Udhampur has gained a lot of attention due to a river called Devika that flows underground and is said to be the sister of the river Ganga. This city will surely give you a taste of the rich history that this country proudly holds.

7. Kupwara

Kupwara - photo by Jawad Gakhar
Kupwara – photo by Jawad Gakhar

Kupwara has gained a lot of tourist attention in the past few years… the reason being its beauty. It is home to a few of the highest peaks in the region, measuring up to 16000 ft above sea level. These peaks give us a 360 view of the Kashmir valley and help us to appreciate the awesomeness of Kupwara even more. With its perfect combination of peace and beauty, this place has the ability to throw all the stress out of your mind.

8. Kargil

Kargil War Memorial - photo by Mail2arunjith
Kargil War Memorial – photo by Mail2arunjith

Kargil is the land of brave and beauty. This city shares a border with Pakistan and is about 2800 meters above sea level. Kargil has seen a lot of violence and yet has maintained to keep its charm alive. This city offers treks to the Zojila Pass, Pensi-la lake and Suru Valley. Kargil has a lot of stories for the right pair of ears and is a great place for people who love history.

9. Sonmarg

Mount Harmukh - photo by Aehsaan
Mount Harmukh – photo by Aehsaan

Sonmarg is a wonderful place, blessed with breathtaking landscape – it looks like a fairy tale city. This beautiful destination offers a great number of wonderful trekking experiences to its visitors. Treks to the Gangajal lake, Krishansar lake, Harmukh mountains and the Baltal and Thajiwas glaciers are a few of the most famous treks one can find here. Sonmarg’s beauty cannot be comprehended and is definitely a place worth going.

10. Doda

Doda River - photo by hamon jp
Doda River – photo by hamon jp

Doda is the best place for both adventure seekers and nature lovers. This place has proved to impress a number of tourists by its beauty and the great adventurous activities that are available. Doda has a wonderful landscape and offers you a wide range of treks to choose from – you can also try out mountaineering and rock climbing and enjoy the change this place is offering you.

Kashmir is truly said to be paradise on earth and stands correctly on every remark made on its beauty. Visiting Kashmir is not just a vacation, it is a memory made that will forever mesmerize you. Kashmir has a lot more to offer and not just these 10 places. There is not one place that is as beautiful than Kashmir.

Author Bio

Rohit Agarwal is a traveler and a blogger at Trans India Travels. An architect by profession, Rohit was influenced by the architecture of the ancient monuments in India and is in search to find the most interesting tourist sites in India.

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