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Four Ways to Save Money When Eating at Your Favorite Restaurant

Home » Blog » Four Ways to Save Money When Eating at Your Favorite Restaurant

Going out to eat at a nice restaurant can prove to be quite pricey, especially if you’re eating out frequently. However, don’t fret—instead of just staying at home and missing out on a fantastic meal, try these money-saving tips that will allow you to still enjoy fine dining without breaking the bank every time.

4 Ways to Save Money When Eating at Your Favorite Restaurant

1.  Look for Applicable Coupons

First and foremost, coupons are everywhere. Regardless if your favorite restaurant is local or nationwide, coupons can be found both in local outlets (like newspapers and magazines) and online. You don’t even have to subscribe to the newspaper to get the Sunday paper that is packed full of coupons; all you have to do is go into a convenience store on Sunday and pick one up. Obviously, your chances of landing a coupon for the French Laundry are pretty slim, but for most other restaurants you stand a good chance of stumbling upon a coupon.

2.  Keep an Eye Out for Happy Hour Events

Many restaurants will host Happy Hour events that allow you to save money on drinks, appetizers and even entrees.  Do some research to find out if your favorite restaurant has an existing Happy Hour special, or maybe even suggest that the restaurant start one. Frugal city-goers have long used the Happy Hour tactic to eat at some of the best gastronomical spots in the city without sacrificing their entire paycheck.

3.  Take Advantage of Group Discounts

Are you planning to go out to dinner with a large group?  If so, then you could be in luck!  Talk to the manager at your favorite restaurant about group discounts.  Even if it isn’t advertised, many managers would love to have your business and would be willing to offer you a discount.  A group discount usually becomes feasible with a party of 10 or more, although this is of course variable according to the restaurant.

4.  Join a Rewards Program

Rewards programs can be very beneficial, not only because they allow you to save money but they also inform you about certain specials and events that are going on.  While not every restaurant offers a rewards program, there are some out there that do and it is worth looking into.

Before you pay full price for the ticket at a fine dining restaurant, consider using these tips to help save some money for other things in your life.  With a shaky economy, most people want to cut their spending any way they can and these are great ways to do just that.   You may find that there are other ways that you can save as well, but sometimes you really just have to get creative and think outside of the box.

This guest post was written by Tarpys Roadhouse, a restaurant in Monterey specializing in affordable fine dining.

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