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The World’s #1 Beachfront Taco Bell

What sets this Taco Bell apart from all its other 7,000+ restaurants in over 30 countries around the world – its breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean. With its prime beachfront location along scenic Hwy 1 in Pacifica, California, it’s not only the surfers who flock here to order their favorite Mexican-inspired fast food. The ride alone – along a winding coastal road with stunning ocean views at every turn – is well worth the visit!

Eating my way through London

Whenever I travel across the pond to my home away from home, I can’t wait to eat all of my favorite foods again. And this latest trip was no exception… I literally ate my way through London! By the end of my visit, I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t fit into my seat on the flight back to San Francisco. Should your travels take you to England one day, here are a few of my favorite restaurants, pubs and foods that I wanted to share with you. Bon Appetit!

The Restaurant at CIA Copia - tiramisu in a jar - Credit: Deborah Grossman

Napa Valley is Open for Fine Food and Drink

This post was written by Deborah Grossman from the San Francisco Bay Area. In October 2017, the devastating fires in Napa and Sonoma touched nearly everyone either personally or through friends and family. As part of the recovery, Napa Valley denizens are ready and eager to welcome visitors with open arms and delicious food and drink. Weeks after the fires, my friend and I ventured to St. Helena and Napa to support the area and enjoy some good food and wine.

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Playing Tourist for the Weekend in San Francisco

Have you ever fancied playing tourist for a day or weekend in your city? It’s always a lot of fun. No need to wait for out-of-town guests to enjoy taking in the sights, especially if you live in or near a beautiful city – and San Francisco is no exception. Clift San Francisco So we decided to book a room at the Clift, a luxury boutique hotel nestled on Geary Street just steps from bustling Union Square – one of our favorite areas in SF. The hotel is conveniently located within easy walking distance to many wonderful restaurants, shops, bars, …

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Lausanne Hill to cathedral - Credit: Deborah Grossman

Lausanne: A star in the Swiss universe

This post (the second of a three-part Switzerland travel series) was written by Deborah Grossman from the San Francisco Bay Area. In South West Switzerland, Geneva may get the fame. But Lausanne has won my heart. Some cities are the perfect size, and Lausanne fits the bill. As the fourth-largest city in the country and home to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Lausanne has grand hotels, a bustling tourist life, and an excellent metro system. Yet the many quiet neighborhoods, the mix of historic and trendy venues, plus many local festivals and traditions give the destination a small-town ambiance.

The Montreux Riviera: Swiss Gems along Lake Geneva

This post (the first of a three-part Switzerland travel series) was written by Deborah Grossman from the San Francisco Bay Area. Switzerland has a mighty mix of attractions considering it’s ten times smaller than California. Though Zurich and Lucerne receive more tourist attention, the towns along the Montreux Riviera hugging Lake Geneva in South West Switzerland are hidden treasures. From Montreux, the famous jazz-obsessed town, to Charlie Chaplain’s town of Vevey with an easy segue to Rougemont in the Alps, you may fall in love with a destination surrounded by natural beauty.

Napa Valley and Sonoma Wine Country Tour from San Francisco

Thinking of visiting Napa and Sonoma Wine Country this year and want to avoid peak season crowds? Consider a visit during the Spring or early Summer. Although both areas are popular year-round tourist destinations, wine country tends to be especially busy from late summer to mid-October during harvest “crush” season. Take a fun Napa and Sonoma Wine Country Tour from San Francisco and enjoy a leisurely day of wine-tasting in California’s historic wine country. No need to worry about drinking and driving. Sit back, relax and enjoy the views as you travel by luxury, air-conditioned coach across the Golden Gate Bridge to …

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