Codmother Fish & Chips SF

British Fish & Chips in Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco

Fancy some authentic British Fish & Chips al fresco style? Head over to Fisherman’s Wharf and check out this casual little gem – The Codmother Fish & Chips food truck.

Dining al fresco at Codmother Fish & Chips
Dining al fresco at The Codmother Fish & Chips SF – photo ©

Located on Beach Street, between Jones and Taylor streets in Fisherman’s Wharf, the dog-friendly food truck is popular with locals and tourists alike so don’t be surprised if there’s a line. Patio seating at picnic tables is limited so expect a wait during peak dining times and tourist season. There’s a little shade, but not much so be sure to bring along a hat to keep you cool on hot sunny days and wear layers in case the fog rolls in and it gets chilly.

Cod, Shrimp and Fries at Codmother Fish & Chips
Cod, Shrimp and Fries at The Codmother Fish & Chips SF – photo ©

Feast on fresh Alaskan beer-battered cod, jumbo fried shrimp, Baja fish tacos and crispy hand-cut fries – soooo good! As you can see from the picture below, the pieces of cod are huge. Load the chips with cheddar cheese, garlic and Baja sauce for an extra kick. Cocktail sauce, malt vinegar and tartar sauce complement the meal; the only thing missing is HP sauce – a popular British brown sauce (I put it on almost everything!) – but there’s always plenty of ketchup. No mushy peas either (a veggie side dish offered at many British Fish & Chip joints).

Smaller kids portions are also available. If you have a sweet tooth, try their deep fried Oreos for dessert. You can always walk it off afterwards strolling along Fisherman’s Wharf.

Fish & Chips at Codmother, Fisherman's Wharf
Fish & Chips at The Codmother, Fisherman’s Wharf, SF – photo ©

So the next time you’re at the wharf in San Francisco and fancy a quick bite of British Fish & Chips, check out Codmother’s food truck. We’ll see you there!

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