Five Guys Burgers, Fries & Milkshakes – Opens in Foster City

Five Guys Little Hamburger – ©
Five Guys Little Hamburger – ©

POLL: Are you a Five Guys Burger fan or do you prefer In-N-Out Burgers?

Be careful what you wish for! We are big hamburger fans and always thought it would be great to have a local Five Guys in our city. Well, guess what? On Memorial Day weekend 2015, Five Guys opened at the Metro Center Shopping Center (formerly Togo’s, near Safeway) on Hillsdale Blvd in Foster City. And we were one of the first customers in the door. Now that Five Guys is within walking distance from our home and office, we can get our burger fix anytime – and walk off the calories instead of driving 🙂

Juicy Burgers
Five Guys hamburgers are juicy and delicious. You can choose as many free toppings as you want – and the list is long. Did you know that there are over 250,000 possible ways to order a burger at Five Guys? As a Brit, I couldn’t resist going online and checking out the menu across the pond – and noticed that they offer HP sauce as one of the burger toppings in all their UK locations (wish they had it here too) – you can take the girl out of London, but you can’t take London out of the girl!

If you’re not familiar with Five Guys burgers, they include Little (one patty) or Regular (two patties) Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Bacon Burgers and Bacon Cheeseburgers.  The Little Hamburger is plenty big (at least for us). Other menu options include Kosher-style Hot Dogs, Cheese Dogs, Bacon Dogs, Bacon Cheese Dogs and tasty sandwiches (Veggie, Cheese Veggie, Grilled Cheese and BLT). All burgers and hotdogs are available bunless.

Love Their Fries
We’re addicted to Five Guys spicy Cajun-style fries (which by the way, are cooked in pure, no cholesterol, tasty peanut oil). Their regular-style fries are really good too.

Five Guys Cajun-Style Fries – ©
Five Guys Cajun-Style Fries – ©

Custom Milkshakes – NEW!
And for all you In-N-Out burger fans that don’t go to Five Guys because they didn’t offer milkshakes on their menu… well, now they do! Milkshakes (with or without whipped cream) are available at select Five Guys locations, including Foster City – now we’re really in trouble!

Customize your vanilla-based milkshake with as many of the 10+ different mix-ins as you like (they’re all free), including: chocolate, coffee, peanut butter, Oreo creme, Oreo cookie pieces, cherries, bananas, bacon, salted caramel, malted milk and strawberry. My favorite is the malted milk and Barry likes the mix of chocolate, cherries and Oreo creme. Yum!

Five Guys Milkshake with Whipped Cream – ©
Five Guys Milkshake with Whipped Cream – ©

Smartphone Apps and Online Ordering
You can also order online or use their smartphone apps (available for Android and iPhones). Click here for more info on their mobile apps and to order online

As in all their locations, Five Guys offer free peanuts in their shells while you wait for your table. So grab a handful or two and enjoy. Maybe we’ll see you there!

Five Guys
Metro Center Shopping Center
933 East Hillsdale Blvd. Foster City, CA
See Full Five Guys Menu Below

Open daily 11am-10pm

Five Guys Hamburger – ©
Five Guys Hamburger – ©

Five Guys Burger Menu

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