Get Your Fix of Indian Food at Tiffinbites St. Paul’s, London

It’s no secret that Indian food is extremely popular, especially in London. And contrary to popular belief, Chicken Tikka Masala is considered to be the U.K.’s national dish… NOT Fish & Chips!

And there’s certainly no shortage of Indian restaurants in London, but Tiffinbites is the UK’s first Indian restaurant chain to serve only “free-range” Halal chicken in all of their chicken

Located near St. Paul’s (and other locations around London), Tiffinbites offers a healthier alternative in the casual dining industry as it uses only the freshest of ingredients and serves their food just like it would be served if you were eating in India — in traditional Tiffin boxes. See you at Tiffinbites!

Click here for more info and pictures of Tiffinbites St. Paul


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