New Survey – “Working to Live, Not Living to Work”

Americans are more chained to their jobs than ever, thanks to their cell phones, iPads and laptops. Right?

Wrong, says an online poll from U.S. workers are career-oriented but are less likely to say they “work to live” than their European counterparts.

In fact, 63% of U.S. workers and 59% of European ones seek rich experiences from life – not necessarily big paychecks from work.

I Work to Live:

  • Germany – 85%
  • U.K. – 85%
  • France – 83%
  • U.S. – 78%

I Live to Work:

  • U.S. – 22%
  • France – 17%
  • U.K. – 15%
  • Germany – 15%


What category do you fall into? Do you “Work to Live” or “Live to Work?”

Life’s too short not to have a Work/Life Balance. Whatever you do, have FUN!

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