Muir Woods giant redwood trees

Summer Family Fun – Giant Redwoods and Ladybugs at Muir Woods, California

If you’re visiting from out of town (or living here in the SF Bay Area) and looking for something fun to do this Summer with your family, don’t miss a trip to Muir Woods. This popular destination is located in Marin, approximately 12 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Giant Redwood Sequoias

Wait until you see these magnificent giant Redwood Sequoia trees. The tallest Redwood in the park stands at 260 feet.

Ladybugs at Muir Woods

Your kids will love the ladybugs that migrate to Muir Woods every Summer. We’ve never seen so many ladybugs! Check with the Information Desk at the park’s front entrance to find out where the ladybugs are located, as this changes periodically.

Muir Woods Tours

If you don’t want to hassle with driving and parking, take a Muir Woods Tour. Many tours depart from San Francisco.

Muir Woods Hiking Trails

Enjoy fun Hiking Trails too. There are six miles of hiking trails for all levels. Which one is your favorite?

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