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South Beach Food Tour, Miami, Florida

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This post was written by foodie Corinne Nobili – from Miami, Florida.

Miami is full of culture and each culture has it’s own traditions, practices, but most importantly food. As a native Miamian, I thought I knew all there was to know about Miami when it came to good restaurants and where to eat what but recently I went to one of the Miami food tours called the South Beach Food Tour to be taught a lesson.

Covering a variety of cuisines from Colombian, to Cuban, to Jewish, to Italian, to Venezuelan, to Peruvian, the tour did a pretty great job of encompassing an entire city’s melting pot into one comprehensive lunch outing. The tour takes you from “Gourmet to hole-in-the-wall delicious” as described by our guide Grace – a friendly foodie who taught me a thing or two about the history and architecture of my own hometown. In total the tour took about two hours and at the end of it you are ready to lie down in a food coma. Though two hours may sound like a long time to walk around the famous South Beach area, each stop is only a short distance away from the last. Even a Jersey girl with acrylic nails and high heels had no problem keeping pace with the tour I was on. At the end of the tour the guide gives you an informative flyer listing all the restaurants you visited, pertinent information and even deals!

Miami Culinary Tours - Ceviche © Miami Culinary Tours

Now let’s get to the good stuff… the food. Truth be told? It is fantastic. Every place we stopped at I thought of who I needed to take there. The first stop’s tiradito plate made my self absorbed journalist stop scribbling in my notebook when I mindlessly took my first bite. I have to bring my dad here I thought, he loves ceviche. The second place is exactly what my boyfriend is looking for, a spicy habanero sauce and delicious beer and cream soda drink called Refajo. Besides discovering these new places,  I also got to visit my local favorites like David’s cafe for a strong cortadito and sweet pastelito and Charlotte’s bakery for their famous empanadas.

Miami Culinary Tours - Small Bites © Miami Culinary Tours

Even if you are from Miami this tour is worth a try if you love food. It is comprehensive, teaches you a lot and most importantly feeds you one of the best meals you will probably have while on vacation (or stay-cation for us locals). 

Note: Photo Images courtesy of Miami Culinary Tours © 2013

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