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Happy Mother’s Day!

Over the years, we’ve helped many of our readers brainstorm Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and Fun Things To Do. Some Moms like to stay home; others want out of the house ASAP 🙂 … many want a nice gift — and some Moms deserve all three! One thing that we can all agree on, is that Moms everywhere should be treated special on Mother’s Day. Here are some ideas that our “Love to Eat and Travel” readers have liked.

Nice Things To Do for Mom…


Stay Home

  • Make her Favorite Food (Brunch, Lunch or Cook Dinner)
    and be sure to Clean the Kitchen afterwards
  • Make her Breakfast in Bed (don’t forget the champagne)
  • Put Her in Charge of the TV Remote for the Night
  • Watch an at-home Movie together – Her choice
  • Plan a Special Mother’s Day BBQ (splurge on the dessert)
  • Order her Favorite Pizza and just Hang Out Together
  • Give her a Massage or Foot-Rub
  • Invite Friends or Family over to Celebrate Together
    (you prep, cook and clean up)

Go Out

  • Go on a Picnic at a Park, Lake or Beach
  • Treat her to Champagne Brunch
  • Take her to Lunch or Dinner at her Favorite Restaurant
  • Surprise her with a Mother’s Day “Day Out” (you make all the plans)
  • Work out Together at the Gym this week
  • Treat her to a Movie — Her choice
  • Take a Walk Together
  • Plan a Romantic “Date Night”
  • Enjoy Afternoon Tea somewhere special
  • Take her to see a local Museum or Art Exhibit
  • See a Concert, Ballet, or Theater Show
  • Take a Cooking Class together
  • Play Tourists for the Day – Go on a Fun City Sightseeing Tour
  • Surprise her with a Getaway Weekend (you take care of everything)

Gifts… and Nice Things To Do for Mom

  • Pamper her with her Favorite Flowers
  • Treat her to a Mani/Pedi or Spa Treatment
  • Indulge her with Chocolates
  • Pick up the Dry Cleaning for your Wife
  • Get Her Car Washed
  • Take Kids to Soccer Practice (or other activity)
  • Do the Grocery Shopping
  • Help with Housework and Do the Dishes
  • Send or Make her a “Special Mom” Card
  • Call AND Text her to say “I Love You!”
  • Write on her Facebook Wall
  • Give her a Flowering Plant or Herb Plant
  • Buy her gear from her Favorite Sports Team
  • Surprise her with a Gift Card from her Favorite Store

Whatever you do… have FUN!

FYI… “Moms” include Wives, Daughters, Grandmas, Mother-in-laws, Sisters, Sister-in-laws, Granddaughters, Daughter-in-laws, Girlfriends, Favorite Aunts, Nieces, Cousins, and Special Partners.



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