Foodie Roadtrip – Restaurants A-Z in Illinois & Indiana

Lance, Nancy, and friends Debbie and Todd – © Lance M. Burris
Lance, Nancy, and friends Debbie and Todd – © Lance M. Burris

This post was written by Lance M. Burris – from Plainfield, Indiana.

Have you ever been in the car with your wife headed out for a meal at a restaurant and you say to her, “Where do you want to eat dear?”  Her answer is, “I don’t know, you pick, I picked last time.” I suppose we have all been there one time or another and you usually give in and pick a place to dine and when you do, she can be heard to say, “ I don’t want to eat there, pick some place else.”

My wife and I have a very close friend couple, Todd and Debbie Sprinkle, with whom we do a lot of fun things together like plays, musicals, shows, museums and places to eat.  On one such occasion we were traveling from Indiana to Illinois to visit Abraham Lincoln’s Museum.  On the way we knew we would pass a place of interest on the food chain called The Beef House on route 74.  It was well-known for some of the best steaks in the state of Indiana.  During the meal we talked about how we had agreed on stopping there for dinner and how easy it might be to pick an establishment to eat if we just followed the alphabet from A to Z, picking a restaurant that started with a certain letter.  So, we decided to do it; we decided to start with the letter “A” which we had just eaten at the week before at Aurelio’s Pizza in Crown Point, Indiana.  Aurelio’s has the best pizza in the state and we feel that if once you partake of Aurelio’s you will not be satisfied with any other pizza, excluding of course those from Chicago and New York.  In particular we like New York’s “John’s Pizza.”

And what a fun time and great meals we had going through the alphabet picking out lettered restaurants.  It took us a full year to accomplish our mission, but we did it.

Below are listed the restaurants we visited from A-Z: and rated EE: Super Excellent, E: Excellent, VG: Very Good, G: Good, P: Poor and $: Inexpensive, $$: Moderate, $$$: Expensive.

Restaurants A-Z– © Lance M. Burris
Restaurants A-Z– © Lance M. Burris

So if you are ever in Indiana or Illinois and want a good place to eat, we would suggest these first-hand visited restaurants for a good meal; some are better than others, but we were always happy with those we visited (for the most part :)).

Having completed the alphabet of restaurants, we will now take on another adventure.  We will visit every Indiana State Park (24 in number) to hike and explore and probably find some more tasty and unique restaurants.

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