Shark Week Family Sleepover at Aquarium of the Bay, Pier 39, San Francisco – FUN for Kids and Big Kids too!

Looking to give your kids an adventure of a lifetime? Check out Shark Week Family Sleepover at Aquarium of the Bay at Pier 39 in San Francisco. Families have the unforgettable opportunity to sleep just inches from sharks, while species including the mighty sevengill, leopard, spiny dogfish and angel sharks swim overhead, along with nearly 200 species of other aquatic animals.

Guided Tours of the Aquarium

The sleepover also features guided tours of the Aquarium, lots of shark-related activities and trivia from the Aquarium naturalists, hands-on meeting and greeting with select animals, evening snacks, paid overnight parking and a full breakfast. Contact Aquarium of the Bay for more info on pricing and schedules.

More Info on Aquarium of the Bay and Pier 39 in San Francisco

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