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Alana and Barry Swimming with the Dolphins

Swim with the Dolphins – What’s on YOUR Bucket List?

Home » Blog » Swim with the Dolphins – What’s on YOUR Bucket List?

A Fun Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Swimming with the Dolphins was one of the best experiences of our lives! It was on our Bucket List for years. So while vacationing in the Bahamas to celebrate a special anniversary, we decided to take the plunge. It turned out to be the highlight of our trip. If you have the chance to experience a “Dolphin Swim or Encounter” – anywhere in the world – don’t pass it up. It’s well worth it and the memories will last you a lifetime.

We enjoyed Swimming with the Dolphins on Blue Lagoon Island. It’s located in the Bahamas, about 25 minutes from Nassau and Paradise Island. It was a blast! The “swim” includes touching, kissing, hugging, and dancing with the bottlenose dolphins. Highlights include the Human Hurdle (dolphin jumps over you), and the exhilarating Foot Push (dolphins propel you through the water across the whole lagoon). What a rush!

Note: Ladies, we suggest that you wear a “one-piece” bathing suit or shorts… or be prepared to hang on tight to your bikini bottoms! I speak from experience. The foot push pushes you up in the air with such speed that a bikini bottom might not stay on. Mine ended up around my ankles. Luckily the sight of my bottom in the air didn’t go viral on Tiktok or YouTube!

Besides Swimming with the Dolphins, another option is the Dolphin Encounter where you can interact with the dolphins from a waist deep platform. Enjoy playing, kissing, hugging and dancing with the dolphins. Or… if you’d rather observe and not interact with the dolphins at all, you can watch from the platform above and take photos and videos.

If Swimming with the Dolphins is on your Bucket List… what are you waiting for? Here are a few destinations that offer Dolphin Swim programs:

Swim with the Dolphins on Blue Lagoon Island – it’s home to a Dolphin Sanctuary in the Bahamas. Choose from an exhilarating Dolphin Swim or a Dolphin Encounter.

Dolphin Cay, a 14-acre lagoon and habitat at the Atlantis Resort  (on Paradise Island), offers exciting Dolphin Programs including: Shallow Water Interaction (Hug & Kiss Dolphins), Deep Water Swim (Snorkel & Swim with Dolphins) and Trainer for a Day (includes Deep Water Swim).

If you’re visiting Orlando, Florida and fancy a little excitement, treat yourself to a FUN 2-day Dolphin Swim & Everglades Airboat Adventure.  Sea Life Park in Oahu, Hawaii also offers a variety of Dolphin programs , including Dolphin Royal Swim, Dolphin Swim Adventure and Dolphin Encounter.

And if you’re vacationing in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula or in the Caribbean, Dolphin programs are available at Dolphin Discovery in Cancun, Cozumel, Los Cabos, Vallarta, Costa Maya, Mexico City, Riviera Maya, Tortola, and Grand Cayman.

Try to make your dolphin reservations at least 3-6 months in advance – spaces are limited and sell out quickly, especially during major holidays and peak season.

What’s on your Bucket List?

Here are a few more of our Bucket List items:

1. See the Taj Mahal under a full moon, at sunset and at sunrise
2. Train ride to Machu Picchu
3. Visit Easter Island
4. Private viewing of Stonehenge at sunset or sunrise
5. Explore Ireland and its magnificent countryside, castles & ancient wonders
6. Tour Australia and New Zealand
5. Travel and eat our way thru’ the Italian & French Riviera

More Info on the Bahamas – Atlantis, Paradise Island and Blue Lagoon Island

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