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Top 5 Delis in New York City

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Please welcome guest blogger Clarlotte from the U.K.

Whether you want your corned beef and pastrami on rye or to warm up with a matzo ball soup, these delis are some of the best in the world. With Manhattan offering such a big selection, here are the 5 top recommended delis to ensure you get the most out of your archetypal New York dining experience.

2nd Avenue Deli
Despite its name, this kosher deli is no longer on 2nd Avenue. Instead, it is now situated on 33rd Street and specializes in its time honored tradition of family friendly service and award winning corned beef, knishes and homemade soups. The deli offers high chairs for little ones and its superb, friendly staff will even bring your table a bowl of pickles to tide you over until lunch arrives. The menu is extensive, although the simple classics are highly recommended with soup and half a sandwich at $14.95. Other favorites include the mushroom and barley soup, knishes and chopped liver. Don’t worry if your eyes are bigger than your belly though as any left-overs are doggy-bagged up for you. And if you are too full for dessert, enjoy a complimentary shot glass of chocolate soda to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Katz delicatessen
Katz first opened its doors in 1888 and is still a firm favourite amongst New Yorkers and tourists alike for enjoying an overstuffed corned beef or pastrami sandwich. The deli has welcomed many celebrities through its door, including ex-presidents, mayors and Hollywood royalty and Katz is a star in its own right. Katz was the setting for the world famous ‘Faking it’ scene in “When Harry Met Sally” starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal, the deli proudly has a sign stating “I’ll have what she’s having” the memorable line said here; which has been voted one of the funniest lines from a movie of all time. This is an only in New York experience and favourites on the menu include, typical Jewish offerings such as potato latkes mixed with all American classics like hot dogs and delicious coleslaw. If you’re lucky you might even bump into a celebrity whilst you’re here to add to this unforgettable eating experience.

Carnegie Deli
This midtown deli situated opposite Carnegie Hall has been open since 1937 and offers superb quality gargantuan sandwiches that could easily feed two, the fillings which are not for the faint-hearted include at least one pound of meat or cheese! They also offer knishes, stuffed cabbage and matzo ball soup, however for those with a sweet tooth the real delight at Carnegie’s is the world famous cheesecake which is baked on the premises. If a trip to New York isn’t on the cards, they deliver their cheesecakes all over the USA or if you consider yourself to be a bit of a chef the recipe is available online. The deli operates a cash only policy so make sure you have plenty before you arrive to avoid any

Stage Deli
Stage Deli, now situated across from The Late Show studio on Seventh Avenue between 53rd and 54th streets first opened over 70 years ago in the heart of theatre land on Broadway and 48th street. Its proximity to the theatres meant that the Stage soon became a regular haunt for many an aspiring actor and actress. In the 1940s and 50s, it was a favourite of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio – more recently guests such as Leonardo Di Caprio and even Prince William have stopped by to enjoy the pastrami and chopped liver. The kitsch decor makes this an ideal spot for families with children and for that spot of extra fun the sandwiches are even named after celebrities, whether you fancy a
Clint Eastwood (turkey, tongue and corned beef) or a Dolly Parton (twin rolls of pastrami and corned beef), there’s something for everyone!

Barney Greengrass
If you’re looking for something a little more up market head to Barney Greengrass to enjoy their breakfast and lunch specials including sturgeon, Nova Scotia smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, onions and bagels. Barney Greengrass offers something a little bit different to the traditional New York delis, particularly if you have expensive taste and enjoy or even just want to try caviar. Although if an intent to taste the caviar is your motivation for visiting do be warned it won’t come cheap, the prices for breakfast with caviar begin at just $14 but end at as much as $399! The deli offers traditional favourites such as cheese blintzes and chopped liver which are also of a high standard.

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