Top Neapolitan Pizzas in the U.S. – Did Your City Make the List?

We don’t know about you, but we find it hard to resist a really good Neapolitan Pizza. Authentic Neapolitan pizzas are typically made with San Marzano tomatoes,  fresh Mozzarella cheese, fresh herbs, garlic and sea salt. And then it’s cooked in a wood-fired oven. After cooking, fresh basil can be added to the top of the pizza.  Simply delicious!

There’s a ton of information online if you want to make the pizza yourself from scratch And if you’re seriously interested in learning how to make an “authentic” Neapolitan Pizza, you can always take a course at  Tony Gemignani‘s International School of Pizza (he’s a 9-time World Pizza Champion).

Or… if you’re like us, you’ll probably just want to go to your favorite pizza joint. People line up outside the door for these delicious Neapolitan Pizzas. Check out our list of cities and pizzerias that offer the Best Neapolitan Pizzas in the U.S. Did your your city make the list?

  • Atlanta – Varasano’s Pizzeria
  • Cambridge, MA – Gran Gusto
  • Chicago – Coal Fire Pizza
  • Irving, TX – Cavalli Pizza
  • Los Angeles – Pizzeria Mozza
  • Miami Beach – Fratelli La Bufala
  • New York City – Keste Pizzeria & Vino
  • Philadelphia – Osteria
  • Phoenix – Pizzeria Bianco
  • Seattle – Tutta Bella
  • San Francisco – Tony’s Pizza Napoletana
  • Washington, DC – 2 Amys

Source: Lexus Magazine 2010

Do you have a favorite Neapolitan Pizza joint? Please add a comment so we can share it with our readers.

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