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Bermuda Beach - Our Top-Selling travel Ornament – © LoveToEatAndTravel.com

Top-Selling Travel Ornament – Bermuda Beach

Home » Blog » Top-Selling Travel Ornament – Bermuda Beach

Bermuda is one of our favorite beach destinations – and it’s no surprise to us that this Bermuda beach ornament is our best-selling travel ornament this year. Bermuda is known for its beautiful beaches, especially Warwick Long Bay Beach – it’s our favorite beach so we took this picture and made it into a travel ornament. We hang it on our tree every Christmas, then hang it up year-round in our office as a happy reminder of our vacation… and an incentive of another trip to Bermuda.

Bermuda Beach Travel Ornament

Each ornament comes with its own festive red ribbon for hanging. Add a unique, special, personal touch to gift-wrapped packages. Be creative and attach an ornament to a gift bottle or wine or champagne. Gift ornaments make fun stocking stuffers too.

If you’ve been to Bermuda, add a special “travel memory” Bermuda beach ornament to your tree this Holiday Season. And if you haven’t visited there yet, add it to your bucket list.

Fun Things To Do in Bermuda

And when the holidays are over, hang your travel ornament in your office or kitchen as a decoration,  then visualize every day being on that beautiful white sandy beach.

Happy travels!

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