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International Cooking Classes and Cooking Vacations

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Cooking Vacations are more popular than ever, especially with foodies and people who love to cook. What better way to travel, make new friends, enjoy great food, and bring out your inner chef. A variety of Cooking, Culinary and Wine Tours are available around the world.

European Cooking Vacations & Masterclasses

Here are a few International Cooking Vacation destinations that offer week-long “Hands-On” Cooking Classes and/or Single-Day Classes & Tours that come highly recommended. Buon Appetito!

Tasting Places offers week-long Cooking Vacations throughout Europe, hosted by some of the most innovative and exciting chefs in the world. Bespoke Italian Wine-Tasting and Fine Dining Tours are also offered. Exclusive one-day UK-based Cookery Master Classes are available on a private event basis for small groups.

Cooking Holiday destinations include:

  • Italy (Rome, Sardinia, South West and North West Sicily, Sorrento (Neapolitan and Amalfi Coast), and Umbria)
  • Spain (Andalucia and Basque Region)
  • France (Gascony, Loire Valley and Alsace Region)

“Several years ago I did a cooking class in Orvieto with Tasting Places. It was truly one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. Learning the tricks of a first-class chef while enjoying the beauty of Umbria with a group of like-minded people made for a week never to be forgotten. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”
– Caren Weinstein

“My Tuscan “cooking holiday” at Tasting Places was one of my most memorable and fun vacations. The flour-less chocolate cake we made (and enjoyed eating afterwards) is always a big hit when I entertain. I can’t wait to go back to Tasting Places again one day soon!”
– Lorraine, London

Online Cooking Schools & Classes

Cooking Video Lessons and Recipes

Rouxbe (pronounced roo-bee) was the web’s first-ever Online Cooking School – currently teaching home cooks in 180 countries around the world. Watch classes in the comfort of your own home.

Do you have any recommendations of Cooking Classes or Cooking Vacations?

Cooking Schools and Cooking Classes around the U.S.

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